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Acid Etch & Scratch Window Repair

Glass Repair – Graffiti Scratches & Acid Etch

Using industries most innovative techniques, GRG technicians buff-out, then polish damaged glass back to original form.  Saving tons of money!    

Brick Repair

Brick Repair

Graffiti Removal Guys insures that graffiti is removed off all brick surfaces and restores its original look without having to paint over it. Let us restore your building’s original look with our professional services.

Vehicle and Rental Equipment

Fleet Management Services 

Why paint over your vehicles ? Graffiti Removal Guys offers a service that can restore your vehicle’s original look at a fraction of the cost. We have experience removing graffiti off rental equipment, box trucks and personal vehicles.  Let us help you keep you keep your vehicles graffiti free.

Monthly Services

Customized Monthly Services 

Graffiti Removal Guys offer customized monthly service plans. Our monthly services have  helped our customers lower vandalism on their properties, whilst saving them hundreds on abatement services. GRG recognizes that everyone is different and for that reason we offer plans that fit everyone’s needs and budgets.  Currently we have clients that get serviced weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Our plans offer customers peace of mind with a reliable service.

Stone Work

Stone Surfaces

Stone surfaces can be very difficult to remove as they tend to be very porous. Our proven and effective removal process paired with our Bio-degradable chemicals deliver best results. Graffiti Removal Guys has experience removing off Granite, Tile, Limestone, marble & concrete to name a few of the stone surfaces we restore.

Other surfaces

Other Surfaces

Wood, Tile, Windows and concrete surfaces are not a problem for Graffiti Removal Guys. We pride ourselves on restoration no matter what the surface. Though our experience over the years. We have gained the knowledge to fully restore  any surface back to its original state. We use commercial grade equipment and the industries’ top of the line eco-friendly products for safe graffiti removal.

Mural Repair

Prevention & Mural Repair

Graffiti Removal Guys prides themselves on the protection of your buildings and Art work. We use Anti Graffiti coating to prevent damage on Artwork and building surfaces. Our coating allows us to remove graffiti without damaging the original surface. Artists spend countless hours creating a masterpiece, Graffiti Removal Guys prevention services protect from future vandalism.

CA License # 1026687

Graffiti Removal Guys are a local Bay Area graffiti removal service motivated towards the safe removal and prevention of graffiti vandalism.  GRG offers rapid, effective and environmentally safe restoration methods to beautify our local neighborhoods and communities.  Education and Communication are the cornerstone of cultural change.